About Farm Radio International

Farm Radio International is an NGO that supports broadcasters in Africa to develop radio programming that shares knowledge and strengthens the voices of small-scale farmers, their families, and their communities. 

We have more than 1,200 broadcasting partners from 38 countries in our network. These broadcasters receive our training and information resources. Get started at www.farmradio.fm.

About our radio resources

  • In Barza Wire, you will find our news stories and resources to help you plan and prepare your radio program. You will also find opportunities and profiles of other broadcasters to motivate your work. 
  • In Scripts, you will find our backgrounder documents, interview scripts, and drama scripts. They are organized by Farm Radio Resource Pack. You will also find our theme packs of radio resources. 
  • Here, in Training, you will find our training resources, including:
    • Broadcaster how-to guides: tip sheets address many different skills, including journalism, marketing, and editing. 
    • Online learning modules: self-guided modules on various broadcasting and program planning topics. You will need a login to access the modules.
    • The This is How I... podcast, whose episodes are produced by our radio partners.
  • In Discussions, you will find the platform where we host our online e-discussions. These are four-week discussions that allow broadcasters to exchange ideas and questions on a particular topic. 

About our training resources

Farm Radio produces a variety of training resources that are available to radio broadcasters across Africa. Our most popular resource is the Broadcaster how-to guide, which explores a particular skill in clear language and useful tips. We have more than 50 Broadcaster how-to guides available, one of which is available in audio format.

For a comprehensive list of tips for improving your radio program, read our "75 ways to fix your farmer program" publication.

We also have a few foundational standards that form the basis of our training and quality assurance programs. These are the VOICE Standards and FAIR journalism standards.

We have launched a podcast called This is How I... which is an opportunity for our radio partners to explain various skills and offer tips to other radio network members. Listen to the episodes here: https://soundcloud.com/farmradio/sets/this-is-how-i-podcast

About our interactive learning opportunities

Farm Radio also offers a range of distance training opportunities including self-guided learning modules, online eDiscussions and eCourses. Our self-guided learning modules provide an interactive way to learn key skills. Our eCourse is a more comprehensive interactive program, and is only offered at specific times of the year. Broadcasting partners are given a login to access both of these training opportunities.

Our eDiscussions take place in two formats: online, on our discussion platform, or in our WhatsApp groups. We coordinate WhatsApp groups to unite our broadcasting partners so that they can exchange ideas, experiences, and questions. Become a broadcasting partner to join the group.