This is How I podcast

What is the This is How I podcast?

"This is How I" is a new podcast series from Farm Radio International. Each episode is produced by one of our radio partners. Each episode offers tips and advice on a specific skill related to radio broadcasting, including examples of how this skill has improved their program quality.

Listen to the episodes on Soundcloud:

Want to contribute? Read below for more information.

How to contribute to the podcast

Format of an episode

Episodes are about 5 minutes in length. Each episode will include a short intro, where you give your name and radio station and the topic of the episode. You will then have 2-3 minutes to explain the challenge and your tip for resolving this problem. You can explain why this is good advice or provide a short story about a time you followed this advice successfully. To conclude, please use the extro script provided. Use this runsheet to plan your episode. And don't forget to use our signature tune!


  1. Think about a skill you want to share. Think about a skill that you are good at and that makes your program better. Think about things you know other broadcasters struggle with, and the tips you would recommend to them. Remember: Pick one skill and 2-3 related tips to share. If you have more good advice to share, please record more episodes!
  2. Download our guide for How to create an episode for advice on how to elaborate your topic. Think about a time you used this skill and even select a clip from your radio program to edit into the episode. Think about the steps or tips related to the skill you chose and why this skill is important to improving your program quality. Listen to past episodes or our sample episodes.
  3. Write your script. Fill in the runsheet with the information for your episode. Practice reading it and fill in the time markers so you know how long the episode will be.
  4. Record your episode!
  5. Edit together the recording, using our intro, extro and signature tune! Edit in a clip of your radio program if it demonstrates your skill.
  6. Share your episode with Farm Radio! Send it to your networking officer or to Remember to include your name, radio station, and the skill / topic of your episode in the file name.
  7. Stay tuned for when your episode is posted and share it widely! We will share new episodes by WhatsApp and social media.


Guide for "How to create an episode for the This is How I podcast"

Runsheet template

Sample runsheet

Sample episode

Intro music

Extro music

Short signature tune


Thanks to everyone who has contributed an episode! In particular, thank you to Yesaya Mwambelo, of TBC Arusha, Hope Materu, of TBC Arusha, Augustino Hamis, of Radio Habari Njema, Hilda Kinabo of Radio 5, and Edwin Mpokasye of Radio Fadhila, who produced the first episodes of the This is How I podcast.