How to generate revenue to support a regular farmer radio program


How can generating revenue help me serve my listeners better?

  • It ensures that listeners can regularly listen to a farmer program.
  • When you have enough revenue, there’s a better chance that listeners will receive relevant, timely, and accurate information.
  • It ensures that the station has the funds to provide opportunities for more farmers to air their needs and concerns on the air.

How can generating revenue help me produce better programs?

  • It ensures that the station has reliable and up-to-date technical equipment.
  • It ensures that staff can be regularly paid.
  • It ensures that the station stays on the air.
  • It supports reporters to travel to the field to conduct interviews with farmers and experts, and get feedback from listeners.
  • It allows the station to invest in strengthening the professional skills of your farmer program team, so that they can cover
  • issues that are important to farmers in a more effective and entertaining way.


When you decide to air a regular farmer program, make generating revenue a priority from the beginning. Put your best fundraisers on the job!

But it can be challenging to find advertisers and sponsors for farmer programs when neither advertisers nor sponsors think farmer programs are very popular.

And it’s not only potential advertisers or sponsors who hold these misconceptions. Even your own sales team may not believe that farmer programs are popular. It might seem easier to sell advertising for music or political programs, but programs that address social issues—like farmer programs or health and nutrition programs—are important for everyone, and attract large audiences. Assigning your best sales representatives to the task of generating revenue will raise the profile of the farmer program.

Learn strategies and techniques for generating revenue for your farmer program in this module. It will take you approximately one hour to complete.

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