Adapting Farm Radio resources for broadcast


How can adapting material for radio broadcaster help me serve my listeners better?

  • By adapting material from print and other media, you have a much wider variety of materials to keep your readers better informed and entertained.

How can it help me produce better programs?

  • By covering a wider range of information and stories.
  • By presenting different and perhaps less familiar aspects of important issues in your community.
  • By showing how other communities have dealt with the issues that your community is dealing with.
  • By suggesting different ways of presenting an issue—for example, dramas, two-host conversations, debates, poems, etc.


There is a huge amount of information and an enormous number of stories available in print, on the internet, in television, in film, and in other media. Some of this information and these stories can be adapted to create effective, entertaining, and informative radio broadcasts. This module shares tips on adapting information from Farm Radio’s Resource Pack items (interview scripts, dramas, and backgrounders) and Barza Wire Farmer stories. But remember that many of the principles and practices discussed here are relevant for adapting any kind of content for the radio.

This module will take you approximately one hour to complete.

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