Use VOICE to make good farmer programming


How can this module help me produce better programs?

Too frequently, a radio station thinks that a farmer program is a slot in the schedule into which they can simply “dump” agricultural information, and hope that farmers will listen and use it. But a radio program is a distinct communications tool, with its own strengths and weaknesses, like a novel, or a comic strip, or a song. An effective farm radio program follows standards that exploit the strengths of radio.

As a farm broadcaster, you want your farmer program to be useful, interesting – even empowering, for farmers. And you want it to have a wide audience of both women and men farmers. To help you, we have pulled together “best practices” of farm broadcasters, and have grouped them in a way that will be easy for you to remember and use.


This module will introduce you to Farm Radio's VOICE Standards for good farmer programming. In this module, you will learn lessons from other broadcasters, why farmers turn off a radio program, why a regular farmer program is good for your station, and how to use the VOICE Standards. This module will take you about one hour to complete.

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